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As COVID-19 continues to affect people around the world, car dealerships have worked hard to adjust to this uncharted “new normal.”


One major change that’s taken place is an increase in price for used cars. Since most U.S. manufacturers have been shut down for several months, dealerships are now facing a lack of new vehicle inventory. In turn, this has caused the used car market to become more competitive than ever.


Your dealership has the opportunity to capitalize on this competitive market by making your pre-owned inventory more attractive to potential buyers. Our Verified Ride Program will allow your dealership to capture more of the used car market share!


Certify Your Entire Pre-Owned Inventory

Empire’s Verified Ride Program enables your dealership to certify every used car on your lot, including non-OEM vehicles. A certified pre-owned vehicle (CPO) is the next best option for customers who originally wanted to buy new, because it provides peace of mind with multi-point inspections and warranty coverage. It reduces the risk of costly repair bills and the typical concerns a customer may have when purchasing a used car.


Benefits of Empire’s Verified Ride Program

Our Verified Ride Certified Pre-Owned Program provides your dealership with a high profit margin opportunity. All manufacturers have a certified program, but Empire’s certification will result in a bigger profit margin for your dealership. Plus, our program allows you the versatility of certifying pre-owned vehicles of any brand.


This program offers a 138-point inspection, 12 months/12,000 miles of exclusionary coverage and 84 months/100,000 miles of limited powertrain coverage – the most costly aspect of a car to repair. It also protects the customer up to 7 years/100K miles with the available bumper to bumper wrap coverage.


The world today is tumultuous enough – give your customers added peace of mind by certifying your pre-owned inventory. Our Verified Ride Program will help your dealership take advantage of the competitive used car market and result in a higher profit margin for pre-owned sales to your bottom line.


For more information on our Used Car Services and other F&I Products, contact Empire Dealer Services today at 508-407-8720.

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