With a strong background in sales and F&I, we know how to equip your team with the skills and attitude to meet performance goals.

One of our core competencies

We offer our dealers the ability to send their F&I managers to our EFG-sponsored and hosted 4-day F&I training courses. These courses cover the following subject matter including, but not limited to: menu selling, product objection handling techniques, compliance, lender negotiations, and deal structuring.

Custom dealer sales process training

Our “10 Step Road to the Sale” is a comprehensive course designed for veteran and new salespeople that involves weekly follow-up and recurring monthly training.

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Dealership Development Manager

Part of our client services offered by your Dealership Development Manager will be a new salesperson hire-training seminar, available to every new salesperson hired at your dealership. This session will give your new hire a transparent look into F&I as well as help to review your dealership’s processes and products offered. It also has the added benefit of detailing the importance of your F&I office to their new career at your dealership.

2020 Training Schedule

2020 Dates will be up soon- Please contact your Representitive, or in the meantime call (508)407-8720, ask for training department.

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