Ask any dealer, manager, or business owner and they will tell you that recruiting and hiring the right person is the key to success.

They are also aware it is the most time-consuming and involved duty needed to run a dealership.

At Empire Dealer Services, we dig in and work with you on recruiting and hiring the right candidates. Using our powerful PDP personal strengths tool, we are able to effectively narrow down and send you qualified candidates for positions ranging from general managers, sales managers, F&I managers, and salespeople. Along with the use of the PDP, we use our extensive network of dealers, executive managers, and various professionals within the industry to check references and work histories. We have developed new and exciting methods including original copy for ads that entice the most qualified candidates.

We get the results

During the recruitment period, Empire Dealer Services has persons who can, on a temporary basis, handle your F&I operations. Once a decision has been made on a new F&I manager, your Dealership Development Manager will spend no less than two days educating your new employee on your processes and procedures.

Automotive Finance Manager

We are currently seeking qualified candidates for placement as Financial Services Managers in our Retail Automotive Accounts.

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