Guaranteed Asset Protection

Car ownership without the downside.

Your new car depreciates the moment you drive away from the dealer’s lot. And if you experience an unforeseen life event that totals your car, standard insurance policies will only pay the current market value – regardless of how much you owe. Unfortunately, if you’re “upside-down” on your loan – that is, you owe more than the car is worth – you could suffer a significant financial loss.

GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) protects your credit and offers worry-free protection in the event of a total loss due to the following:

  • Accident
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Hurricane
  • Theft
  • Tornado
  • Vandalism

If your car is totaled, collision and liability insurance will not completely cover you!

Bridge the gap with GAP when you buy a new or used vehicle. It will even cover up to $500 of your primary insurance carrier’s deductible, so why risk your financial security?

GAP Provides:

  • Up to 84 months of protection for your loan
  • Coverage on vehicles valued up to $100,000
  • Payment of negative equity up to $50,000
  • One time low cost

Life has ups and downs…and upside-downs

When you buy a vehicle today, you have more to lose than ever before. Current economic circumstances often require a longer-term loan agreement to make financing affordable. This extends the length of time you’re left “upside-down” on your loan: that is, owing more than the vehicle’s actual cash value.

Remember, with a lengthier loan cycle, you could be “upside-down” for several years. The actual cash value (ACV) your insurance would pay in the event of a total loss could be as much as 30% less than the amount you still owe.


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