Pivoting the Way Business Is Done

So many of today’s experiences happen online. Even before the pandemic began, many companies were turning to online solutions to help optimize their business. Car dealerships, despite the advancements in technology, were one of the few businesses that remained steadfast in the traditional way of buying and selling. However, since the pandemic created obstacles for the car buying industry, dealerships have since evolved the buying process. At Empire Dealer Services, we help our clients pivot in a way that makes the most sense for the success of their employees and the satisfaction of their customers.


There is no denying that closing a deal becomes more challenging when done through a virtual platform compared to when the customer is physically at a dealership. Make sure the employees at your dealership are available to speak with customers who wish to engage through a virtual platform, that the answers provided are thorough and informative, and that your dealership strives to be as accommodating as possible. As dealerships continue to pivot their business tactics to accommodate online shopping, consider offering the following:

Virtual Appointments: Have customers schedule a video chat with a salesperson who can show them the vehicle they are interested in while answering any questions they may have.

Test Drive at Home: For customers who are interested in a specific car and live in the area, offer to bring the car to them so they can complete a test drive with no-obligations.

Local Home Delivery: For customers who live in the area, offer to deliver the car directly to them and complete any final paperwork in person.


Empire Dealer Services is here to support your dealership in a myriad of ways, one of the most impactful being our training services. We continue to offer training to all employees throughout your dealership, including new or experienced salespeople as well as F&I managers.

We now offer three training options:

In-person: We will meet with you at your dealership to provide hands-on training.

Virtual: Training sessions can also be completed virtually over the phone or through a video conferencing platform.

Bootcamp: Intensified training can take place over several days. A great example of this is the EFG-sponsored and hosted 4-day F&I training courses we offer.

The goal at Empire Dealer Services is to understand the pain points that our clients are experiencing and to help their dealerships succeed during these challenging times. If your dealership is struggling to pivot the way business is done, take the first step towards achieving your goals by contacting our team today!

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