March Automotive Recalls

Great opportunities can often come disguised as challenging situations. Automotive recalls, while seemingly burdensome, can provide a wonderful chance to secure new clients. As new clients enter your dealership for automotive recalls, they most likely are feeling annoyed, wanting nothing more than to get on with their day. Make sure your employees receive adequate training on how to handle difficult customers. If treated properly, one-time automotive recall customers can turn into lifelong clients!

Hyundai is recalling 94,646 sedans, including the 2015-2016 Hyundai Genesis and the 2017-2020 Genesis G80. The recall was prompted by a risk of fire starting from the anti-lock-brake (ABS) system module. The fire can start due to an electrical shortage either while the car is running or when it is parked. Therefore, Hyundai is suggesting that owners of the cars park them outside and away from structures. Owners should be aware of the check-engine and battery light, as well as the smell of smoke. These three elements could be indicators that a fire is about to start inside the vehicle. Hyundai will begin notifying owners of the recall in early May. Until then, owners should park their cars outside and away from buildings.

Kia is recalling 379,931 vehicles, including the 2017 to 2019 Cadenza and the 2017 to 2021 Sportage. The affected vehicles are at risk of a fire in the engine compartment as the result of an electrical shortage. The electrical shortage occurs specifically in the Hydraulic Electronic Control Unit, although the exact cause has yet to be identified. The fires can start either while the vehicle is in use or the car is parked. Therefore, Kia suggests owners park their vehicles outside and away from buildings. Owners should keep an eye out for the pressure warning light, ABD warning light, or MIL warning light. If any of these become illuminated, it could indicate that a fire has or will soon start.

Nissan is recalling more than 26,000 FX35 and FX45 SUVs from their luxury brand, Infiniti, due to faulty airbags. The airbags in the affected vehicles were folded incorrectly prior to installation. When deployed, the incorrect folding of the airbags could increase internal pressure and tear the airbag cushion during deployment, increasing the risk of injury. The affected vehicles include Infiniti model year 2006 to 2008 FX35s and FX45s. Nissan will begin notifying owners on April 18th.

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