Investing in Your Best Assets

Employees are, without a doubt, every business’s greatest asset. At Empire Dealer Services, we pride ourselves on helping dealerships reach their goals, starting with the recruitment process. By bringing in the best employees from the get-go, your dealership is more likely to see increased productivity and return on investment.


The hiring process can be daunting and time-consuming. At Empire Dealer Services, it is our mission to help you find employees that will work well with and for your dealership. To accomplish this, we utilize multiple strategies, starting with unique ads that are designed to bring in the most qualified candidates. Then, we use a performance development plan (PDP) as a tool in the recruitment process to gauge whether candidates have what it takes to help your dealership succeed. According to PDP Global, this process has been proven to increase the average employee tenure by 10%. Lastly, we can check references and work histories through our extensive network of dealers, executive managers, and various professionals within the industry.

When searching for the right employee, we consider the following characteristics:

Great work ethic. Employees with a great work ethic value punctuality, show dedication, and take initiative.

Passion. We search for employees that believe in and will speak with conviction regarding the products or services they sell.

Communication skills. Especially at dealerships, the ability to empathize with customers and speak persuasively is key.

Eagerness for growth. The right employee does not necessarily need to have years of experience, but rather an open mind and a willingness to learn.


Having the right employee join your workforce is only the first step towards success. The second is making sure that they are properly trained on the products and services that your dealership has to offer, as well as how to communicate with your customers in the most productive way possible. Properly trained employees can improve sales, cut costs, reduce mistakes, and create an overall better work environment.

At Empire Dealer Services, we provide support with both the hiring process and the training process. We offer training for everyone at your dealership, whether they be a seasoned F&I manager or a brand-new salesperson.

  • We offer EFG-sponsored and hosted 4-day F&I training courses that will teach your F&I managers about menu selling, product objection handling techniques, compliance, lender negotiations, and deal structuring.
  • The custom dealer sales process training is unique to your dealership. Our “10 Step Road to the Sale” course includes weekly follow-up and recurring monthly training.
  • Our salesperson hire-training seminar provided by your Dealership Development Manager will teach each new salesperson you hire all about products, services, and the importance of the F&I office within your dealership.

By hiring the right employees and training them according to your dealership’s goals, you are building a strong foundation towards success. If you are struggling with the hiring process or are finding gaps in your training processes, Empire Dealer Services is here to help. Reach out today to take the first step in setting your dealership up for success!

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