Dealerships Struggle as COVID-19 Persists

Throughout the rollercoaster that has been 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected every person and every industry in different ways. The automotive industry is among the hardest hit, with manufacturing plants shutdowns and mobility restrictions affecting the entire car buying process.

As a result, car dealerships are continuing to face new struggles, from low inventory to personnel issues. Empire Dealer Services is here to provide actionable solutions that will help your dealership successfully navigate these ongoing drawbacks.

Low Inventory

Back in early spring, the production of cars was almost brought to a complete halt. Most manufacturing plants were shut down for several months and still have not fully returned to pre-pandemic levels, but sales have continued – causing a shortage of new vehicles on dealership lots.

Although the new car inventory has suffered, there is now a more competitive used car market that your dealership can capitalize on. Here are some ways to make your customers more confident in their used car purchase:

High Mileage VSC: A used vehicle with high mileage may make a potential buyer hesitant, so give them peace of mind with a High Mileage Vehicle Service Contract. This is an extended service contract available for “high risk” cars with more mileage.

Lifetime Warranty: Because used vehicles tend to have shorter lifespans than new, lifetime warranties on pre-owned cars are extremely profitable for your dealership. Coverage begins as soon as the buyer drives off your lot, so the consumer will be confident in the value of their purchase.

Certified Used Program: If a consumer originally wanted to buy new, a certified pre-owned vehicle is the next-best option. Certify your entire used car inventory to minimize risk and ensure peace of mind for potential buyers.

Personnel Struggles

As most showrooms have reopened, dealerships now face an unprecedented struggle where sales and fixed operation employees may be hesitant to return to work. This could be for a variety of reasons, from not having childcare to concerns of contracting COVID in the workplace. This can leave your team short-staffed and struggling to meet monthly quotas.

This is difficult territory to navigate. Empire Dealer Services can help your dealership effectively handle any situation where employees are reluctant or unable to return to work. Our training programs have been revamped to be both virtual and in-person, so we can give your employees the skills they need to succeed in this rapidly changing industry. If you need to add to your team but aren’t sure where to start, our recruitment services allow us to narrow down qualified candidates specifically for your dealership.

Empire Dealer Services works hard to understand each dealership’s pain points and create unique solutions that help our partners succeed during these challenging times. Our years of experience give us the bandwidth to help dealerships resolve personnel issues and capitalize on the competitive used car market.

To see how Empire can help your dealership succeed despite the pandemic, get in touch today!

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