John Kane

Co-Owner / President

John Kane

John began his career in the automotive industry selling cars. As he recalls: “It was only supposed to be temporary.” As time went on, he yearned for more, because “who doesn’t in this business.” In a very short time, John was promoted to finance as a Business Manager. After several years of performing a job he loved, his mentor convinced him to take a job with Pat Ryan and Associates as a District Manager. He was still able to do what he loved, but now he was able to help multiple stores all at once. Yet again, rising through the ranks, John soon became Regional Vice President of Pat Ryan and Associates.

In 2004, John was recruited by F&I Resources and continued his career with their team.

In 2012, John Kane and Ed Adamson started their own agency, Empire Dealer Services.

John is proud to say that over the past 26 years as an agent, he has had the pleasure of helping many dealerships grow while helping increase their revenue, all the while building many great partnerships and friendships.

“There is not a greater feeling than to know I have been part of this ever-changing industry. Moreover, I am even prouder to say that I have been an influential part of hundreds of dealers’ success throughout my career.”

Aside from running a successful business, he loves spending time with his family, grandchildren, and boating in South Florida.