Joe Finley

District Manager

Joe Finley

Joe started in the auto industry over 7 years ago. His first position was in sales, where he hit the ground running and found a true passion for the industry and helping people. After some initial successes, it led to a position as a finance manager. There, he was able to excel in the many facets of the role including upselling, compliance, relationship building, funding, and customer satisfaction. His team was able to deliver a superior experience for the customer while vastly increasing overall profits for the dealership.

Before his start in the auto industry, Joe worked in the finance industry for over a decade. Immediately after graduating from Hamilton College, he took to Wall Street. Through hard work, dedication, and some luck, Joe was able to separate himself from his peers and was offered a position in London, England. With the move came many changes and challenges. There, he was able to show that he could adapt and thrive in a new country while working in an entirely different environment. After a wonderful three-year experience, the next move was to Massachusetts to be with his fiancé (now wife) where he found his home in the auto industry.

Having worked at the dealership level and on Wall Street, Joe has a unique ability to look at issues from a different viewpoint. He is able to certainly understand the need to find balance in profits, training, and compliance, all while delivering a first-class experience for the customer.

Outside of work, Joe is happily married and the proud father to two sons – Jack Bear & James Dempsey. His family is rounded off with their Shih Tzu, Buddy. His passions include travel, reading, photography, and CrossFit. In college, Joe was a 2x team captain and NABC 1st Team All-America while attending Hamilton College. Many of his core values, such as leadership, hard work, friendship, and resiliency were developed on the court and he carries them today into his professional and family life.