Ed Adamson

Owner Operator / Co- Founder

Ed Adamson

Ed believes his approach, his style, and the foundation of many of his philosophies stem from what he calls “the elite minds of the automotive industry.” Of the many conversations with dealers he’s had in his thirty years experience in the car industry, one quote has always remained the most prevalent in his mind:

“All I want you to do is sell more cars, at higher grosses, with good CSI.”

In the years following that quote, and from working with over 300 upper management dealer personnel, that has been the desire of every general manager, executive manager, and dealer principal. Those three directives have been and will continue to be, the direction for Empire Dealer Services.

Starting in the auto industry as a salesperson at a medium-size Chevrolet dealership (100-150 cars) in 1985, Ed had his first look into the retail automotive industry. Like many people who spent significant time selling cars, the lure of the finance office was long in his sights. For years he watched “The Money Magic” created out of the F&I office. One finance manager whom Ed regards with the utmost respect remains a close friend and confidant today. He made a lasting impression on Ed because of his effortless approach to always treat customers with respect and honesty at a time in the industry when it was not fashionable to do so. His approach inspired Ed to do what he does now.

For more than four years Ed spun deals in an F&I office, building a foundation that he would use for the next 20 years. He’s had the opportunity to run and manage dealerships in what some refer to as the most profitable and challenging time in the industry. He has had the benefit of learning from both his successes and his failures from that time. The true fortune from his experiences has been the ability to take what he has learned over the years and modernize those lessons to meet the needs of today’s dealer management. With the help of the entire team, Empire Dealer Services brings its clients first-class consultation on the many aspects of automotive dealer operations.