Ed Adamson


Principal Owner

I consider my approach, styles, and the foundation of many of my philosophies to come from what I would call the elite minds in the automotive industry.  Of the many quotes I received from my dealer (employer), this one has always remained the most prevalent: “All I want you to do is sell more cars, at higher grosses, with good CSI.” In all my years following that quote–from what has been probably over 200 dealer principals–it’s been the desire of every General Manager, Executive Manager and Dealer Principal to achieve this concept in their store.   Those three directives have been, and will continue to be the direction for Empire Dealer Services.

Starting in the auto industry as a salesperson at a medium-size Chevrolet dealership (100-150 cars) in 1985 gave me my first look into the retail automotive industry.  My attraction to this business was not uncommon:  I was given a free car, gas, and the most money I have ever made in my life.  Like many people who have spent significant time selling cars, the lore of the finance office had long been in my sights.  For years I watched what I would call “The money magic” be created out of the F & I office.

This was created by a man I refer to today as one of my closest friends and confidants; He is also a person for whom I hold the utmost respect because of his effortless approach in handling every situation while treating customers with respect and honesty in a time in this industry when it was not fashionable to do so.  His approach inspired me to do what I now do.

For four years I spun deals building a foundation that I would use for the following 15 years.   I’ve had the opportunity to run and manage dealerships in what some refer to as the most profitable and challenging time in our industry (1995 through 2007), I have had the benefit of learning from my failures and challenges in this industry.  The true fortune from my experiences has been the ability to take what I have learned over the years, modernize its lessons to meet the needs of todays dealer operations.  With the help of our entire team, Empire Dealer Services continues to bring its clients first class consultation on the many aspects of Automotive dealer operation.  From pay-plans, to personnel, to CSI improvement process, compliancy, and of course market leading PRU.

5  Years Automotive Sales
4 Years Automotive F&I Manager
2 years Automitive Sales Manager
3 years Automtive General Sales Manager
2 Years Automotive General Manager8 Years Account Executive- Dealer Services