Training: Training

Training is one of our core competencies

We offer our dealers the ability to send their F & I managers to our EFG sponsored and hosted 4 day F&I training courses covering the following subject matter which is not limited to menu selling, product objection handling techniques, compliance, lender negotiations, and deal structuring.

Empire Dealer Services offers customized dealership sales process training “10 Step Road to the Sale,” a comprehensive course designed for veteran and new salespeople that involves weekly follow-up and repetitive monthly training.

We also offer, “Train Your Sales Manager to Manage” course that will educate your sales manager on modern methods to motivate, structure, and conduct your own effective sales training sessions.

Part of our client services offered by your Dealership Development Manager will be a new salesperson hire-training seminar, available to every new salesperson hired at your dealership. This session will give your new hire a transparent look into F & I as well as help to review your dealership’s processes and products offered while detailing the importance of your F & I office to their new career at your dealership.