F and I Development: F and I Development

F & I Development is truly the passion and core of our company.

This agency was born out of the results derived from our efforts in developing F & I departments, along with our modern revolutionary methods of coaching and training F & I managers. Our methods and training philosophies are not limited to the F & I department but extend into the sales department. Our F & I department provides a clear and transparent way of offering all your customers 100% of your products 100% of the time. Our team approach will have employees at your dealership pushing in the same direction, and will never leave your customers alone with an uninformed employee who cannot give personal testament to the benefits of your offerings.

As a full-service client of Empire Dealer Services, you will experience our full accompaniment of F & I Development processes, techniques, and services as well as a *free F & I vacation coverage, a service not offered by any other dealer service agency.

Tracking, measuring, and accountability are all key elements in developing your F & I department. Web based F & I reporting allows us and you 24 hour access in the ability to monitor your F & I performance. Performance is measured against goals and standards on a daily and weekly basis. The results are compiled and reviewed in detail at a monthly meeting. All deficient performance is addressed immediately along with a plan of action to correct struggling F & I managers with their performance.

We also maintain one of the largest and most powerful libraries of compensation plans available in the market today. All our compensation plans are focused on motivating today’s F & I manager while keeping the dealership’s compensation desires in-line.

All Empire Dealer Services employees are F & I savvy and menu trained, because they are all required to spend time turning F & I deals in all of their accounts. No exceptions.